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People usually put in the first place how a cat looks like.

Peterbalds have a unique look. Today we want to speak about their personality.

Here is a spoiler – if you want an aloof, independent, lazy, and quiet cat do not buy a Peterbald!

All description of Peterbal breed personality can start with an additional word –very, extremely.


- Extremely Intelligent and curious. They keep surprising us every day and sometimes we forget that they are cats. They are dogs! They understand what we tell them, learn our commands fast and always figure out how to open the doors, remove a lid on the pot, open a container. Their long toes help them in it.

- Very Entertaining, acrobatic, quick. They need to play and as often as you can. They are very energetic and highly sociable. When they play with you and get your attention it makes them very happy. They learn to play fetch and do funny tricks.t They love to be in your company.

- Extremely Affectionate, loyal, friendly. Peterbalds are cat-friendly dogs, children, other cats, guests. Some of them can act cautiously with strangers and hide from them observing, watching until their curiosity pushes them to come closer and demonstrate themselves.

Indeed, Peterbalds are a dog-like breed. They adore the companionship of their special person – their master. They simply suffer without their beloved human who is as Universe for them!

We can promise you that you will never get bored with your Peterbald cat. You will not even feel lonely in the shower or using the toilet.

They will be waiting for you at the locked door to the washroom crying and calling you. If you have a few of them you find them all sitting at the door and waiting for you, you will see a message in their eyes: “Shame on you! You left us!”

They are also chatty or talkative. Here I must remark that if you have a few Peterbalds they are calmer and not such annoying with their presence in every spot of your home.

This story is mostly true for one lonely cat. Remember they are social. But all of them love you extremely and be ready to pet them all. Every time one of them is enjoying and cuddling with me, other cats are sitting in a line near us and waiting for their turn.

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