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Aliencat Peterbald breeders: Elena and Ark

Aliencat Peterbald Cattery Ark and Elena
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There is NO place like Home

 We are Peterbald breeders. Our cattery name is "Aliencat". We have a house in Fredericton area NB Canada and our cats live with us in a friendly and clean environment. They are indoor cats only. Running cat's wheels helps them to exercises.  We believe that our cats are part of the family and deserve love.  

  We do extensive genetic diseases test before breeding every new cat we have.  It gives us a strategy to prevent spreading any genetic issue. 


The Peterbald breed was created in 1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia, matting a Donskoy Sphinx and an Oriental Shorthair. They have also another name Petersburg's Sphinx.


Peterbald has a long narrow body and tall legs, a triangle face with a straight line of the nose. A body is very strong and muscular.


This breed is unique: only Peterbalds have a few coat types, such as bald, flock, chamois, brush, velvet, and straight. The coats may change as cats age.

  Peterbalds are an elegant, extremely intelligent and healthy breed.  They are friendly and faithful as dogs and find harmony with other pets in your home. 

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