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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The first meeting could be also the last one if you do not act as a smart mature human. Yes, absolutely, most of the time it is your fault that a new an existing cats do not go along.

Imagine the following: a kitten or already adult cat is taken from family home where they used to live and been loved. It is a stress: a new human, new fragrances, a cat is frustrated and scared about what is going on... and suddenly here it is a stranger cat or dog are rushing to exanimate a new animal.

What will your new pet do? Exactly! It will be scared and anxious. What will be an instinctive reaction? Absolutely, you are right - hissing. Hissing for cat's body language means get out, I am dangerous, and you are going to get from me!!

What will be the replying reaction? Definitely, hissing back and even growling.

What will the owner do? A protective owner starts to shout at the existing pets or explains them: "Shame on you! You can not act like this. Be nice! Be nice with a new kitten. I told you!" And at the same time gently holding a new kitten. The existing pets feel jealousy and unfair. You made it out!

You observed this scene many times, didn't you?

I hope you understand that everything was done wrong. If the introduction will be made smoothly, gradually and following cats territorial instinct your cats will be good friends in the future. The first and very important -DO NOT RUSH! You are excited with a new addition, but your household pets probably do not feel the same.

Before the first face-to face introduction takes place give your new pet time to adjust to a new environment and get used to having you as a new master. The new cat must feel that it is a safe place to live. Animals are smart. They can figure it out fast. Only give them some help and tricks.

Try to set up your schedule, having more spare time to interact with the new kitten. Play, pet, feed, speak but do it in a separate space from other pets, so unpleasant interference will not happen. Of course you know that for cats the general communication sense is a scent. Use a switching technique with stuff such as toys, blanket. It helps them to get accustomed to each other.

In a few days they can interact during meal time. Place their feeding bowls at opposite ends of the room. Keep staying with them. Once the feeding is done, separate them again. Their communication will be successful.

Peterbalds live in harmony with all households and it doesn't take long to get along with everyone in your home. Just be patient and gentle. This is a social breed and they are happier to be in company. This is a picture made in our cattery. Look at these sweet and bonded cats.

Cats sleeping together
Alincat Peterbald family

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