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Outside is cold and dangerous.
Indoor cats

People commonly say: “It is cruel to confine a cat indoors, also it is impossible”

I want to say that this is not applicable to a breed like the Peterbald. It is because Peterbald's Universe is you.

They focused on the owner. Without you Peterbald feels unhappy and only a warm place to sleep, food, other pets and toys help to spend the waiting time of you.

They do not need to go outside if you are not with them. This behavior reminds dogs. They meet you at the door when you are back home, telling you how you acted very badly leaving your pet alone. It is funny listening to a real claim with a different intonation which sound like a speech. OK. I digress...

There are numerous reasons why having an indoor cat is preferable.

- Skin is overly sensitive to the sun, which is a problem for most cats. Imagine what can happen with a hairless cat? UV damages their skin.

- Cold. Do you like to be outside naked or thinly dressed when the weather is nasty? Neither they do.

- Other cats outside fight for their territory. Be ready to make a veterinarian appointment to treat bites and scratches.

- Do you live out-of-town surrounded by the wilderness? The wild animals adore of freedom and an exotic food. They will like a naked cat. Your clean kitty will bring “gests”, there are a lot of them: parasites, fleas, ticks, fungi such as ringworm. Anyway, you might will be glad to get a present from your cat as a dead bird, snake, mouse, frog... you may continue with this listing.

- Do you live in the city? No needs describing what they can find there. Simply remember that animals do not carry in their genes that cars can kill this fact they can only learn from their own experience unfortunately very often fatal lesson. Also, they are friendly to everyone, but not all people are friendly.

We would like to advise you how to make your Peterbald’s life happy indoors. Communicate with your Peterbald, pet and play. This breed is social and will be happy with a companion. Any animal can become a companion for your Peterbald, they live in harmony with all households. Buy a cat wheel for exercises. Peterbald loves running on it. Some owners go outside with Peterbald on leash or cat’s stroller.

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