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Aliencat Peach - Peterbald from our cattery

About Peterbalds

They look very unusual - Very large ears, curious smart almond-shaped eyes. They look like Oriental short hair or Siamese breed. It's because they were crossed with these breeds and Donskoy. They have a long narrow body and tall legs, a triangle face with a straight nose. The body is very strong and muscular. Peterbald's personality resembles dogs. They are friendly, loyal, and they have the ability to be trained. They are very attached to their owner and are very compassionate. Some people call Peterbald's personality - sweet, and a very affectionate breed, always purring and love to cuddle. Some of them are talkative. If you say something to them they will reply. Once you have lived with a Peterbald, life will never be the same. We have a few clients who purchased a kitten from us, then came back and asked for one or even two more. They really have an amazing connection with humans and can feel your pain. They can even treat it.

Sphinx and Peterbald. Do you see the difference?​

Our Breeding Cats​

Aliencat Nikita

Aliencat Nikita

Male. Chamois, lynx blue pointed

Steven Del Iris Peterbald from Aliencat Cattery

Steven Del Iris

Male. Naked. Black

Aliencat Kissca Peterbald

Aliencat Kissca

Female. Bald. Chocolate

Dama Treff.jpg
Aliencat Alyssa Peterbald


Female. Bald. Blue pointed

Dama Treff

Female. Bald. Black Tabby

Aliencat Alyssa

Female. Bald. Tortoiseshell

Buyer Reviews

Aliencat Guthrie Petebald
Aliencat Blue Sky Peerbald
Aliencat Niklaus Peterbald
NL (1).PNG
Aliencat Iverson Peterbald from  Aliencat cattery
Aliencat George